Where to buy pagan books

If you do not have much money for buying spell books and other texts on witchcraft and paganism, charity stores are excellent places to shop at. You never know what wonderful things you can find, are an absolute treasure trove!  Not only are they cheaper than if you bought them at the mainstream bookstores, the money also goes to charity!

You can also buy pagan books cheaper from the internet.  The only problem with this is you don’t know what you’re buying until it arrives, so be careful which ones you buy, as some authors are only in the business for the money they get from selling their books.  Most have been categorised as Mind, Body and Spirit.  Here are a few good writers on pagan books:

· Cassandra Eason

· Judika Illes

· Silver Raven Wolf

· Jane and Stewart Ferrar

Some good books to start your library

·The Book of English Magic, by Phillip Carr-Gomm and Richard Heygate

· The Crystal Bible, by Cassandra Eason

· The Essential Guide to Tarot, by David Fontana

·366 Celt: A Year and a Day of Celtic Wisdom and Lore, by Carl McColman


If you want some older, more detailed texts and don’t mind spending a bit more, antique and rare book stores are another place to buy books on the occult, witchcraft and paganism. Here are a couple of titles that I found by chance:

· The Occult Experience, by Nevill Drury

· Magick, by Aleister Crowley


One comment

  1. dandilyons · April 5, 2012

    Scott Cunningham is also a good one for the reader who is just bordering on the tail end of beginner. They can be a bit dated but have a ton of useful information. You can get very good prices on many of these books on amazon. You would also be surprised to find that a lot of the better authors are available on the Kindle as well, which has prices that are less expensive than book store prices.

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