Tarot: New Deck Spread with the Mystical Manga deck

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I’d read that if you purchase a new tarot deck that it’s advisable to deal the cards in a spread for a new deck to help connect with it. Some time ago I found a three-card spread that was created for new tarot decks on Pinterest. Since I didn’t have a new deck at the time, and I wasn’t going to use my current deck because of how awkward it was, I didn’t have the opportunity to try this spread. Then I recently bought my second deck which I felt more of a connection to, and also afforded me with the opportunity to try the spread.

In this spread, each card asks a specific question:

  1. What can I (the deck) teach you?
  2. What do I need from you?
  3. What will our relationship be like?

The first thing I noticed about the cards I’d drawn was that two of them were…

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