Tarot: New Deck Spread with the Mystical Manga deck

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I’d read that if you purchase a new tarot deck that it’s advisable to deal the cards in a spread for a new deck to help connect with it. Some time ago I found a three-card spread that was created for new tarot decks on Pinterest. Since I didn’t have a new deck at the time, and I wasn’t going to use my current deck because of how awkward it was, I didn’t have the opportunity to try this spread. Then I recently bought my second deck which I felt more of a connection to, and also afforded me with the opportunity to try the spread.

In this spread, each card asks a specific question:

  1. What can I (the deck) teach you?
  2. What do I need from you?
  3. What will our relationship be like?

The first thing I noticed about the cards I’d drawn was that two of them were…

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First Post: My New Blog!

Merry meet, Pagan bloggers!

This is my second first blog, as I’ve just set up this my second blog.  This will primarily be for all my posts on the subject of paganism and witchcraft (even though I don’t consider myself a witch).  I’ve started moving all my Pagan posts from my first blog onto this one, but I’ll be publishing them in a different order to when they were first published, as well as making any needed changes in grammar and spelling.

Blessed be.