Review: Love Potions

This is one of the commercial ‘magick’ books that you’d probably see on display in the bookstore windows around Halloween or Valentine’s Day.  Some more experienced witches and pagans may think that it’s the kind of book that only those desperate for love would think of purchasing.

I bought Love Potions in a charity shop, where I paid roughly a fifth of the original price.  If it were in a bookstore, I wouldn’t even think of buying it at full price.  And before purchasing, I skimmed it, and was surprised at its’ contents.

While it contained ‘love potions’, they weren’t potions in the showy magickal sense.  Love Potions is more of a recipe book for beverages (mostly alcoholic) and cosmetics.  These recipes are designed to tantalise the senses of taste and smell, which are our most powerful sense as they can trigger thoughts and memories; and what better way to make a memorable impression that to tantalise someone’s tastebuds or intoxicate their noses.

It certainly brings to mind the idea that any solid or liquid is potentially a spell.

Even if one does not have a significant other, recipes like Titania’s Blackberry Brew or Morrocan Mint Tea are wonderful choices to share with family, friends or even by yourself; particularly if you’re spending Valentine’s Day by yourself.